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Edible Fruit Arrangements

ChocHeart, Edible Fruit Arrangements in Brooklyn, NY

All of our custom edible fruit arrangements from Brooklyn, New York, are healthy, juicy and beautifully made. To the recipient, these arrangements are delightful and unforgettable.

Organic Fruit

Edible Fruit Baskets of New York only offers the freshest of fruits available that look and taste delicious. Our fruit is organically grown by local farmers.

Best Fruits Resembling Beautiful Flowers

Each edible arrangement has a bountiful presentation of the freshest and juiciest seasonal fruits with many shapes and sizes, including beautifully crafted flowers. Every bouquet is carved separately. For example, we take a whole watermelon and cantaloupe along with a honey dew melon for your creation. Next, we carve out each flower with care and precision.

Competitive Prices & Fast Delivery

Our custom-made arrangements have custom pricing. Each arrangement has its own price because each bouquet is one-of-a-kind. All local orders are hand delivered the same day and all non-local orders are delivered the very next morning. We always keep the fruit arrangements refrigerated throughout the entire process to ensure freshness upon arrival.

Call us at (718) 305-9540 for same-day delivery of an Edible Fruit bouquet in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York.